Friends in the Country (5+)

A fun and moving dance performance about the power and beauty of nature.

A lively and moving dance performance about the power and beauty of nature. But also about the vulnerability of the environment. read more

Friends in the Library (5+)

An ode to the world of books and the power of imagination.

Losing yourself in a story – dreaming while reading a book. We’ve all done this. We all enjoy books and their power over the imagination. Friends in the library, poetic dancing as a journey through time and space.  read more

Ice Palace (6+)

Ice Palace is an exciting dance performance through a magical world of ice.

What is more beautiful than a world where everything is ice? read more

Friends in Winter (5+)

A sparkling dance performance

It is getting colder and colder. The friends are getting ready for winter. They chop wood for the fireplace, bake cookies, knit a warm hat and bring a Christmas tree home. read more

THE big PLAN D- MINI festival (5+)

Plan d- celebrates it's 10 year anniversary with a festive, interactive festival with the best of plan d-.

In 2018 is plan d- 10 years old and that’s worth celebrating! Special for this birthday celebration a number of the successes (of previous years) will be performed again, like See Heroes, Circus Santa Sangre, Friends in Winter, Friends in the Library, Friends in the Country and Sophie. The MINI festival starts wiith a performance of Sea Heroes 19 October in the … read more

Sea heroes (6+)

Sea heroes is an exciting dance performance about the magical power of the sea.

Who has not pretended at one time to be a captain in his own bathtub? Or as a real pirate, conquered the world in a rubber boat? The bathwater that suddenly turns into an infinite ocean, where rugged sea men and women sail on the enormous waves. read more


A multidisciplinary solo dance performance for adults

In a room of ice and glass, a man plays a dangerous game with the elements.
There is a sound garden of dripping water, and light reflections shining through shards of glass frozen in ice. read more

Friends on Vacation (4+)

Dance and slapstick in an acrobatic dance performance

It’s finally holiday-time! Two neighbors are on their way to their vacation spot in their old Volkswagen beetle. They are really looking forward to it! Sandwiches for on the way, a map on their laps, and the radio is tuned into the latest weather forecasts from Spain. read more

Circus Santa Sangre

A rollicking circus and dance show

“Dancing acrobatics and situation comedy, desperation during the rehearsals and magical performances alternate between each other creating a sometimes surrealistic balance.” (Münchner Abendzeitung)

In this international co-production, we are able to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at a circus, a world bordering between hope and illusion. What is now actually real and what is not? read more

Sophie & Concert

A dynamic dance and music performance

A performance about loss and grief, about losing a loved one. It also explores how dance and music can ease the pain of this loss, by allowing one to drift and forget, if only for a brief moment. And about how the presence of another can be of help in dealing with this pain. read more