Friends in Winter (5+)

A sparkling dance performance

It is getting colder and colder. The friends are getting ready for winter. They chop wood for the fireplace, bake cookies, knit a warm hat and bring a Christmas tree home. And what a beauty this is! But how are they going to get it through the door?
They put their heads together and work out how to get the job done

Suddenly they get a bright idea! If the tree does not fit through a door, they should change the door of course. No flaw in it! They go to work saw the shape of the tree from the door. And then … the tree exactly fits through the door, hurray! The pine tree is finally inside and the crazy boys can go decorate him.

But how come it is suddenly so very cold in the room? A horrible draft, the crazy boys are almost blown away by the wind which is coming into the house. An icy snowstorm enters the room and in no time they sit firmly in meters of snow. ” What the hell ….? ” Like polar bears they clamber out of their burrows and grab the skis on the walls. Hoppa! And they descend but ……


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Friends in Winter


Concept Andreas Denk
Choreography Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Dance Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Direction Bram de Goeij
Music and Lyrics Wiebe Gotink
Light design Pink Steenvoorden
Set design Andreas Denk/Pink Steenvoorden (Einstein Design)
Repetition Klaus Jürgens
Technique Marco van der Velde, Frank van Schie
Production Marijse Binsbergen, Pol Wijnberg
Publicity Connie Fluhme, Marjan Moes
Dramaturgical advice Rudi Kaminga
Sales Frontaal Theaterbureau, Mirjam Nebbeling
Financial direction Grand Theatre Groningen, Paul Smelt
Photography + graphic design Es & Zn - Esther de Boer
Stage photography Leo van Velzen
Production assistance Brook Cuden, Jacob Kuiper, Henk Neef

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