Ice Palace (6+)

Ice Palace is an exciting dance performance through a magical world of ice.

What is more beautiful than a world where everything is ice? read more


A multidisciplinary solo dance performance for adults

In a room of ice and glass, a man plays a dangerous game with the elements.
There is a sound garden of dripping water, and light reflections shining through shards of glass frozen in ice. read more

Friends on Vacation (4+)

Dance and slapstick in an acrobatic dance performance

It’s finally holiday-time! Two neighbors are on their way to their vacation spot in their old Volkswagen beetle. They are really looking forward to it! Sandwiches for on the way, a map on their laps, and the radio is tuned into the latest weather forecasts from Spain. read more

Sophie & Concert

A dynamic dance and music performance

A performance about loss and grief, about losing a loved one. It also explores how dance and music can ease the pain of this loss, by allowing one to drift and forget, if only for a brief moment. And about how the presence of another can be of help in dealing with this pain. read more


A light-hearted dance performance about pain.

OW! is a show about pain – about having pain and about causing pain. About a scraped knee and a bump on the head that makes you cry. About a broken heart lying in a thousand pieces on the ground. About a tear that rolls down your cheek because the school bully has teased you yet again. read more


A dynamic dance performance for adults.

A man is alone in his carpenter’s workshop, trying to survive in the middle of his chaotic existence. A man who struggles with his emotions. One minute angry and sad, the next minute, happy and exuberant. read more


A touching story about friendship

Two friends enjoy themselves perfectly fine in their lovely little home by the river. They like each others company, they catch fish and make cosy bonfires. But one day a mysterious package arrives… read more

Wouter and the RAC patrol (4+)

Een vrolijke en verrassende familievoorstelling in samenwerking met de ANWB.

A happy and surprising family show about Wouter with his yellow Wegenwacht car, who helps two neighbors who have a car breakdown. read more