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About plan d-

Choreographer, dancer and decor designer Andreas Denk makes professional dance theatre for children and for adults. Stories about people and special places inspire him to make performances which are immediately recognisable because he reveals to us the absurdity of the situations in which contemporary human beings get involved in.

Objects and the situation in which he sets his players are of crucial importance. Plan d- offers a space, literally and figuratively, in which everyone is free to tell his own personal story. In this way Denk introduces the audience to existential spaces and lets the audience explore the places in our world which they would not normally encounter. Denk hopes as a result that we will look at the world around us in a different way. And that he can help us put the difficult aspects of contemporary life into perspective. Andreas Denk approaches the tragic in his characters always with (absurd) humour. This is how the audience is entertained and gets emotionally involved. Plan d- makes appealing dance theatre for a wide audience: children and adults.

‘Andreas Denk is master at integrating objects and materials into dancing phrases. And this is how he surprises his audience with creativity and fantasy.’

Plan-d cooperates with several theatres and production houses in Europe and beyond. Denk has made choreographies for Schauburg München, Staattheater Mainz and Staattheater Braunschweig.

Plan-d wants to contribute to a more sustainable world and to this end has committed itself in 2016 to be CO2 neutral for all its productions within four years.

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Extra activities:

Plan d- offers a number of extra activities made to measure, to enrich the senses . A theatre can book an extra Do-activity when booking a performance. These educational, exciting and interactive public activities are linked to the theme of the production. Plan d- is committed to working to the needs of the audience. The extra activity can be booked independently or in combination with the performance. More information can be had from Frontaal or plan d-