Festival Almere Speelt (AL)

Het eerste gratis strandfestival in Almere!

Eind juni staat alweer het volgende evenement op de agenda. Op zaterdag 29 juni tussen 11 en 20 u is het Almeerderstrand het podium van de eerste editie van Almere Speelt. Rondom StrandLAB bieden Almeerse en Flevolandse podiumorganisaties een gevarieerd programma met muziek, theater, dans en performances voor jong en oud. De entree is gratis. … read more


Een vrolijke dansvoorstelling over pijn...

OW! is a show about pain – about having pain and about causing pain. About a scraped knee and a bump on the head that makes you cry. About a broken heart lying in a thousand pieces on the ground. About a tear that rolls down your cheek because the school bully has teased you yet again. read more


Blaffende en grommende honden koren / Barking and growling dog choirs

  Ow! shouted the Tsar when a stray dog bit him in his leg. Or was it on purpose? He lost his leg and couldn’t keep up appearances which led to a blood curdling climax in the city Poetivl. ‘Stray dogs’ inspired by the story by Toon Tellegen “The dog who bit the Tsar’s leg” … read more

The Friends’ Kitchen parade 4+

Een lekkere culinaire dansvoorstelling

Where are you allowed to slurp at table? What do forgotten vegetables taste like? Is pitaya really dangerous and what does ‘the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach’ mean? In the Friends’ Kitchen parade plan d- is looking in the kitchen to discover how their neighbours eat. The whole stage is a melting … read more