Ice Palace (6+)

Ice Palace is an exciting dance performance through a magical world of ice.

What is more beautiful than a world where everything is ice? read more

THE big PLAN D- MINI festival (5+)

Plan d- celebrates it's 10 year anniversary with a festive, interactive festival with the best of plan d-.

In 2018 is plan d- 10 years old and that’s worth celebrating! Special for this birthday celebration a number of the successes (of previous years) will be performed again, like See Heroes, Circus Santa Sangre, Friends in Winter, Friends in the Library, Friends in the Country and Sophie. The MINI festival starts wiith a performance of Sea Heroes 19 October in the … read more

Floris (6+)

Dans- en muziektheater spektakel over zingende ridders, dansende jonkvrouwen en dappere minstrelen.

Dance and music theatre about singing knights and dancing damsels and brave minstrels. With two live musicians, two dancers and a magician! FLORIS brings you back to the middle ages, to a world of forts and castles. And then through the renaissance and the baroque to the present day. The performance is inspired by the … read more