Floris (6+)

Dance and music theatre about singing knights and dancing damsels and brave minstrels. With two live musicians, two dancers and a magician!


FLORIS brings you back to the middle ages, to a world of forts and castles. And then through the renaissance and the baroque to the present day.

The performance is inspired by the historical figure of Floris V, the count of Holland, who was adored by his people and regarded as a real hero. Floris is still fresh in the memory of many (grand)parents. At at the end of the sixties many children were captivated by the Floris programmes on tv.  In a wonderful setting dance, music theatre and magic  come together. A journey full of surprise through history, in which stereotypes as the dashing knight on a white horse and the damsel in despair in the church tower are celebrated but also subject to scenes of hilarity.

FLORIS is a performance about courage and being a hero, discovering your own strength and realising your dreams. The contemporary composition inspired by the music from the middle ages, to the baroque has been specially written by the composer David Dramm



  • 27
    WorkshopAmsterdamDe Meervaart
  • 29
    School ShowTry-outMiddelburg10.30Stichting Kunsteducatie Walcheren
  • 31
    School ShowTry-outAmsterdam10.45Basisschool De Achthoek
  • 31
    School ShowAmsterdam13.30Basisschool De Achthoek


  • 07
    School ShowBeek en Donk10.30BS Het Klokhuis
  • 07
    School ShowBeek en Donk13.30BS Het Klokhuis
  • 08
    School ShowBeek en Donk10.30BS Het Klokhuis
  • 08
    School ShowBeek en Donk13.30BS Het Klokhuis
  • 16
    Try-outAmsterdam16.00CC Amsteltickets
  • 19
    School ShowTry-outLoon op Zand13.30Sport- en cultuurcentrum de Wetering
  • 20
    Try-outAmsterdam14.00Podium Mozaiektickets
  • 24
    Premièrede Meern14.00Podium Hogel Woerd/Castellumtickets


  • 10
    Delft14.30Theater de Vestetickets
  • 25
    School ShowSpijkenisse13.30Theater de Stoep
  • 26
    School ShowSpijkenisse10.30Theater de Stoep
  • 26
    School ShowSpijkenisse13.30Theater De Stoep


  • 12
    Amsterdam14.00De Meervaarttickets
With two live musicians, two dancers and a magician!


Concept, idea Andreas Denk
Director Ton Offerman
Dance Claire Hermans, Carlo Camagnie
Magician and special effects Woedie Woet
Composer David Dramm
Libretto Ewoud Eggink
Music Ilse Bies, Lennart de Winter
Lichtontwerp Pink Steenvoorden (Einstein Design)
Kostuumontwerp Dorine van IJsseldijk
Decorbouw Pink Steenvoorden/Andreas Denk
Repetitor Lisa Beese
Techniek Marco van der Velde
Productie Zip Koelemeijer
PR en marketing Hedwig van der Zwaal

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