A touching story about friendship

Two friends are be-spelled by the melody and they are longing to make the world their own. What would they find behind that hill? They want to know, smell, feel. Our friends are going on a trip. Loaded with cooling boxes, hang mats,  machetes and even a contrabass they are on their way to the land of their dreams and they are full of hope. In the big, dark forest the two brave friends are finding their way through low-hanging branches, they jump, they hide, they sing and they dance. And they are not alone. Who is this woman who is hanging up her washed clothes in the middle of the forest? Or the crazy general who appears suddenly. The friends are falling from one adventure into the next. They are making special friends and also say good-bye.  And always beautiful Panama, which they hope to reach once,  is inducing somewhere far away.

Panama is a visual and swinging performance full of excitement and adventure, invincible friendship and chasing dreams.  A joyful and touching performance which is taking along children as adults on a unforgettable voyage of discovery.


Idea Andreas Denk
Choreography Andreas Denk
Direction Johan de Smet
Dancing and acting Andreas Denk, Monika Haasova/Marinke Eigenraam , Jeroen Klein Gunnewiek
Music Wiebe Gotink
Dramaturgical advice Mieke Versyp
Design Johan De Smet, Andreas Denk
Light design Dirk Du Chau, Jeroen Doise

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