Wouter and the RAC patrol (4+)

Een vrolijke en verrassende familievoorstelling in samenwerking met de ANWB.

The ANWB presents together with plan d- / andreas denk ‘Wouter and the RAC patrol.’ A funny and surprising performance for all the family based on “Friends on Vacation”. Wouter who, with his patrol car, helps the two friends with a car break down on their way to their vacation. This performance with singing and dance is suitable for everybody older than 4 years.

After the performance their is is a workshop specially made for children. An experienced dance teacher will show new uses for material found in the boot of the cars of Wouter and the friends. Parents in the meantime can enjoy a trip around the ANWB building (Dutch RAC patrol) and visit the Alarm central and the readers of the traffic jams. 


Reeds geweest:

  • 27.10.16 Den Haag
    ANWB Theater
  • 24.10.16 Den Haag
    ANWB Theater

Den Haag Centraal


Dans Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Spel Oedo Kuipers
Composities Maarten Hartveld

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