A multidisciplinary solo dance performance for adults

GLASS is about the fragility of the human existence. About the failure to meet the expectations and demands that society sets on people. About a person who feels rejected by his surroundings because he is different or because he has committed a wrong-doing. How do you survive in a world when you don’t fit their stereotype of a successful and productive person?

We see a man in prison, stuck in a monotonous daily routine, a rigid and specific succession of tasks and work combined with an endless, empty waiting in between.

Andreas Denk finds himself both literally and figuratively walking on thin ice as he dances his way through the shards of glass and over the frozen water. This creates not only thrilling images but also surprising movements that are hilarious as well as deeply moving.

Denk shows that GLASS is a metaphor for the opportunities but also the pitfalls of the human existence. He suggests that the struggle with the elements of life is timeless, and poses the question to us – is the essence of a person good or evil?


Idea and concept Andreas Denk
Direction Dirk Groeneveld
Dance Andreas Denk
Dramaturgical advice Klaus Jürgens
Light Design Pink Steenvoorden
Music Wiebe Gotink

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