Friends on Vacation (4+)

Dance and slapstick in an acrobatic dance performance

But what is rumbling under the hood of the car? And where is the smoke coming from? Luckily, the friends are not easily defeated. Problems are there to be solved. They roll up their sleeves, clean their tools, and submit the car to an unforgettable tinkering match. Slowly, the beetle is changed into a fairy-tale-like swinging carousel.

Friends on vacation is a sequel to the successful dance duet, ‘Que Pasa?’. This sparkling dance performance shows that problems don’t have to be bothersome, but rather on the contrary. And that actually all of the solutions are fine, as long as you have fun. And no matter what the outcome is, it’s always enjoyable to solve the problems together!

Buurman op vakantie: Trailer

“With live music, dance, and humorous play, THE CRAZY BOYS ON HOLIDAY is convincing for both children and adult audiences alike.”

Der Standard, AT


Idea and concept Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Direction Yvonne Birghan - van Kruyssen
Dance Jordi Casanovas, Andreas Denk
Music Wiebe Gotink, Jesse Koolhaas
Props Einstein Design
Transfomation Volkswagen Binnenstadgarage Den Haag

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