plan d – 
Campanulastraat 35
1032 XR Amsterdam
T: +31 (0) 6-44 76 20 25

Bookings and promoter NL en Belgium
Frontaal Theaterbureau
Mirjam Nebbeling
T: +31 20 69 29 603

Bookings international
Britt Arp
T: +31 6 22 43 66 60

Bebê de Soares
T: +49 177 2985922


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Britt Arp

Zakelijk leider

Since 2000 Britt Arp has been working as business director, producer, interim manager and fundraiser in the cultural sector from within her own business ARPEGGIO. Since January 2016 she enjoys working with Andreas Denk as business director for plan d-. As business director of plan d- she keeps her head cool in hectic periods and keeps the balance needed between those working for plan d-.
Britt says: “Movement is crucial for me and fortunately I have a lot of inner music myself to dance to. In her free time she does yoga, tantra and tango.”