School Programs

Day-dark 4+

Dancing where sparks fly for everybody 4 years and older

Everybody is at one time or another afraid of the dark. The uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen and  what you cannot see. Everyone likes the light,  the warmth and security! And if the light goes out does nothing exist anymore? Is the darkness always scary? Is it always safe when there … read more

Floris (6+)

Magical dance and music theatre with singing knights and dancing damsels and brave troubadours. With two live musicians, two dancers and a magician!

Floris is a real hero back in the time of courageous and brave knights, travels full of deprivation and enormous castles. The performance is inspired on the life of Floris V who became the Count of Holland then only 12 years old and who has gone down in history as a real Dutch knight hero.